Optimizing Your Influencer Outreach Email Templates for Maximum Impact (2023)

In the realm of influencer marketing, the key to success lies in crafting outreach emails that resonate with influencers, prompting them to engage with your brand. Our extensive experience in working with influencers has led to the development of highly effective outreach email templates that can elevate your influencer campaign to new heights. Here, we share our proven approaches that have consistently delivered results.

1. The Relationship Starter

Initiating a connection with an influencer requires finesse. Our "Let's Start a Relationship" template emphasizes flexibility, expressing openness to various collaboration formats. Aaron Agius, Director of Louder.Online, sets the tone with a brief, sincere compliment, showcasing genuine interest in the influencer's work. The concise and open-ended nature of the email fosters a business development relationship, making it less transactional and more mutually beneficial.

2. Exclusive Sneak Peek

Captivate influencers by offering them an exclusive preview of your upcoming product or research. BackLinko's "Sneak Peek" template positions your brand as considerate and forward-thinking. By providing influencers with early access, you demonstrate thoughtfulness and lay the groundwork for a unique and valuable relationship.

3. Beta Testing Collaboration

Launching a new product? Engage influencers by not only offering them an early glimpse but also inviting them to join your beta testing team. This approach not only builds a relationship but also garners valuable product feedback. The example email showcases a successful strategy to involve influencers in shaping the future of your offerings.

4. Seeking Expert Opinion

For truly unique and differentiated content, reach out to influencers seeking their opinion. Tim Soulo's template, Head of Marketing for Ahrefs, exemplifies this approach. By highlighting the unique insights in your content, you position it as valuable to the influencer's audience. Asking for their opinion not only strokes their ego but also encourages them to share your content organically.

5. Expert Roundup Collaboration

Boost your brand's credibility by collaborating with multiple influencers for an expert roundup post. Nadya Khoja, Marketer for Venngage, provides a template that effectively invites SEO influencers to contribute. The personalized subject line and genuine interest expressed in the influencer's work make the email compelling, showcasing the value they would bring to your article.

6. Recognition Email: "We Featured You"

After featuring influencers in your content, notify them with a recognition email. Tim at Ahrefs sets a positive tone by complimenting the influencer, linking to the content mentioning them, and expressing gratitude for their work. This approach not only establishes a connection but also provides an opportunity for the influencer to share feedback, fostering a positive relationship.

7. Generous Free Sample Offer

Stand out by going beyond the standard free product offering. Aaron Agius' "Free Sample" template not only offers a free product for review but extends the generosity to the influencer's audience. By allowing them to share free samples with their followers, you enhance the influencer's connection to your brand and potentially build a long-lasting relationship.

8. Exclusive Event Invitation

Influencers value exclusive invitations. Eventbrite's template emphasizes the value influencers gain from attending an event—networking, visibility, and free swag. Personalizing the invitation and offering a discount code for their readers incentivizes influencers to spread the word, creating a win-win situation.

9. Strategic Affiliate Marketing Proposal

While not suitable for all situations, affiliate marketing can align influencers' goals with yours. Scrunch's template presents the affiliate program as an invitation to an exclusive partnership. The personalized invitation and direct contact information convey authenticity, making the influencer feel handpicked for the opportunity.

10. Effective Follow-Up

Sometimes, a single email isn't enough. Mention's follow-up template reminds influencers of the value they can gain, referencing the previous email and establishing common ground, increasing the likelihood of a response. A friendly follow-up tweet further reinforces genuine interest in building a relationship.


Influencer outreach demands a strategic and personalized approach. These templates, honed through extensive experience, offer a roadmap to successful influencer collaboration. Remember, personalization is key, and tailoring your pitch to the influencer's audience will set the stage for meaningful and fruitful relationships. Implement these best practices to elevate your influencer outreach game and maximize the impact of your campaigns.


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